Jan. 31st, 2017

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In Stop and Shop, stocking up along with other panicky residents for the current snowstorm--which already looks like more accumulation than the lower end of the 1-3 inch afternoon forecast--I met an acquaintance I hadn't seen in a while. Many years ago, I taught her daughter in Hebrew High School, and so interested her in Medieval Jewish history and Medieval literature that she made that her college and grad school major. For several years, her mother wasn't happy with me, since that daughter had joined the unemployable ranks of Medievalists--but she got into college administration, is doing just fine. She made the mistake of asking me whether I was doing any performing, and what cultural events were happening locally.

As an old fannish musical tag line puts it "You had to ask. . ."
Rather than delay the panic buying, I got her email address, put some suggestions together for her in an email, then realized that I hadn't mentioned every one of my projects (all strictly volunteer and unpaid, I hasten to add).

And since almost all of you are out of easy driving range, I'll do you a favor and refrain from listing them here. If anyone is interested, feel free to comment or otherwise inquire.


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