Feb. 3rd, 2017

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I said no to a gig today, one step to being less over-committed. Of course, in my contrary way, I said "no, thank you" to one that would have paid--at least a token amount--once a onth for 5 months.

For keen readers of this journal, the gig would have been a third season of the SF/ F library discussion group. I thought the library wouldn't want to continue paying me, given that in the second season
1. attendance got smaller and smaller each time
2. the most most faithful attendees were not even CT library card-holders
3. the last meeting had only four people (myself included)

But no--turns out the library was counting on me to do this again. Today, the reference librarian sent a list of recommended titles from the one group participant who was actually a local library patron. I remember her mainly because she rarely commented, and when she did, she usually didn't care for the titles I (and some of you!) had chosen.

I'm still quivering from the list SHE had recommended. I hadn't read any of them, though I had at least heard the name Lavie Tidhar, whose Central Station   looks worth reading.
The others were either YA, romance, or both. I didn't even know that "spaceship romance" was an established sub-genre, though I suppose some Star Trek episodes might qualify, as would much fanfic.  I dutifully looked at their descriptions on amazon  and decided I couldn't stand reading any of them, let alone spending an hour talking about them.

And yet the library had copies of all of them (unlike many of the titles I had chosen).

I urged the librarian to turn this group into a peer-led (i.e. non-paying) gig, and see how things went. Let the list-holder choose one of her recs and start from there. The librarian agreed. I'm out of a job, and so thrilled that I don't have to read the adventures of Nurse Betty in space and its sequels.


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