Feb. 11th, 2017

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Weird coincidence just now. I had turned on the radio, looking for a weather update, and got NPR's story-telling program "Snap Judgment"--almost immediately, I heard a voice that sounded distantly familiar, something about the cadence, the word choice. The story she was telling began in a social services office in Oregon, meeting a man, love at first sight. Nothing I could recognize--until suddenly, she said "I told him 'I have to tell you something. I'm a fugitive.'"

--It's Kathy Power! And so it was. My most infamous Brandeis classmate, stage manager for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, close friend of a casual friend of mine--and member of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List!

All that came out in her story, a brief, factual account of how she became a guerilla warrior while working on the Student Strike, the bank robbery where the police officer was shot, and where she was the getaway car driver, her 23 years on the run, her surrender to the FBI. She didn't talk much about the prison time, which she covers in a 2013 memoir.
Katherine A. Power. Doing Time: Papers from Framingham Prison

Now I really didn't hear her voice that much, 46-7 years ago, so maybe thesubliminal recognition came from one of the many interviews she did while promoting the memoir, but who knows? That stage manager calling "Places" in the fall of 1969, that quiet woman at bull sessions in the dorm, occasionally speaking out. . .that could have lodged in my memory.
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Just saw my first commercial for hospice. Hospice of Southeastern Connecticut, on commercial TV, not underwriting of public TV. A husband and wife, walking on a beach, eating a meal. Wife's voice-over "I'm so glad I called hospice earlier, not later. It gave us more time together as a couple."

I don't know--it's not like hospice has competitors for end-of-life care, other than, I suppose, no care at all. . .
Why should they be looking for customers?


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