Mar. 8th, 2017

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I've spent three hours each morning this week playing the piano along with my dear friend and musical partner Roz accompanying the All-City Elementary School Chorus. This evening is the concert. The selections are not, perhaps, what I would have chosen, but the kids prefer the current pop numbers "Home" (with its endlessly repeated chorus of "ooo oooo oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo" etc.) and "Flashlight" (from Pitch Perfect 2). I've now been thoroughly earwormed by these two numbers.

But the kids have been a delight to work with--their pitch is generally good, and they're fast learners--few can read the music, but they listen to recordings and memorize quickly. They don't always watch the conductor, so entrances and cut-offs are ragged, but these are flaws of many adult musicians I've worked with. And really, their manners are excellent--no divas, a nice change!

Mainly fourth and fifth-graders, so they're not glued to phones--I've been told that the junior high-school chorus can't be separated from theirs. And the boys' voices (in the minority, probably 20% of the 125) are not yet changed.

But these are the best singers from each school--I shudder to think of what the remainder of the classes must be like, the ones who hate singing and have no problem expressing that hatred. My admiration for the music teachers is unbounded--I couldn't have done their job. I did one stint as a long-term sub nearly 40 years ago and knew it was not for me. . .


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