Mar. 12th, 2017

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The only bright spot in this week of winter's wrath returning is that I'm not shlepping to Florida to visit DisneyWorld. Old friends who ARE dedicated disciples of the Rat God are there right now, posting on Facebook. They loved the "Outdoor Kitchens"" in EPCOT which I dismissed so scornfully last year in this entry

Sure enough, they praised the seared scallops and pork tenderloins from those food kiosks (I ask you, how do these food items demonstrate gardens and local produce?). Here's my reply:

Ah, memories. I was at the EPCOT Flower and Garden show last year at about this time, and I, too, visited the kiosks. As your posting notes, they were all, all about the meat and the booze. I couldn't find a vegan item anywhere, though they were supposed to be showcasing the fruits and veggies grown locally. I finally had a meltdown and confronted one kiosk worker who was dumping fresh melon into a blender for daiquiris. "Just give me a bowl of watermelon!" "It's not on our menu." "Back away from the blender. Give me that watermelon and nobody gets hurt!" (well, OK, I didn't exactly say that, though I wanted to, but I was angry enough that a few minutes later I was eating watermelon).
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More like "Gothic World," I suppose.
I just received a letter with the enticing words "You are invited to enjoy a complimentary meal." Inside, the details. It's "a seminar with a complimentary meal"--but the come-on is not "learn about our time-share" or "our retirement community." No, it's a much more pemanent change of address that's on offer: a "pre-planning seminar" for "your final arrangements and memorial service."

And where is this exciting event to be held? In the same banquet room where our Chelsea Players cabarets have been staged--and where I will be presenting the World War II home front cabaret this summer. The undertakers who are, um, undertaking this new promotion are also all-too-well-known to me. I thought I might have received the invitation because of my work with the cemetery association and burial society, but no--it's been bulk-mailed to the town.

I can just hear Sir Terry's Death now: THERE'S NEVER A FREE LUNCH.


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