Mar. 28th, 2017

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For the first time in my career as a theater impresaria, I may have an advance sell-out on my hands. I am presenting a revival of the cabaret show "Live From the Stage Door Canteen: Songs of the Homefront in World War II" on July 30, one public performance only (for reasons I'll explain eventually). My collaborator and co-conspirator Diane and I put together this show in 1999, when many of our audience members were WW II vets or had grown up during that time. Today, except for the nursing home performances, we're less likely to have any vets in the audience.

The reason for one performance? Because Diane will be here visiting for a short time, and because we are using the banquet room of a restaurant which has other demands for its use, Prime 82 in Norwich, CT. It seats 64, and I already have 20 reservations--four months in advance. I may not have to advertise this show, since I can't add another performance.

I've got wonderful singers, a great crew, and a handicapped-accessible venue. Now I have to stop thinking about this show and worry about  Latinos in the Arts Month, etc.


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